The fast and focused way to develop leadership and teaming skills.

We coach smart teams in virtual game simulations. Our innovative V-Teamwork program builds trust and accelerates collaboration.

How many of your top 10

corporate promises will

your teams deliver…on time?

Average organisations deliver on 30% of their key promises. Even the highest performing organisations rarely deliver more than 60% of their key promises on-time and on-budget. We ask: what would it do for your organisation if we increased your success rate by 20%?

Learn how to accelerate smarter teams: coaching in virtual simulations …

A radical innovation in organizational development

Our virtual action learning approach is a uniquely powerful and convenient way of growing accountable, innovative and adaptive teams at any level in your organization — teams that can generate significant business value and fast-track results.

We work in turbulent times: V-Teamwork better equips your people, your teams and your enterprise to produce customer-focused outcomes.

Develop effective, adaptive leaders and teams

Equip your people to collaborate, mobilize projects quickly, innovate and generate more business value for stakeholders.

Improve global team performance

Improve performance, customer responsiveness and innovation in your geographically distributed teams.

Boost productivity and profitability

Build trust and reduce miscoordination…to increase efficiency, eliminate waste, protect margins and improve your bottom line.

Retain your top talent

Create an effective, rewarding team environment that accelerates on-boarding and keeps your best people growing with your enterprise.

Accelerate execution and change

Align and mobilize teams to dissolve silos, implement your strategic change projects and return to productivity faster after you restructure.

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