V-Teamwork Intro Webinar

An interactive conversation about

Action Learning in Immersive Virtual Environments

Australia AEST

Wed Feb 21, 12.00pm

Tues Mar 20, 11:00am

US Eastern EST

Tues Feb 20, 9:00 pm

Mon Mar 19, 8:00 pm

US Pacific PST

Tues Feb 20, 6:00 pm

Mon Mar 19, 5:00 pm



Singapore SGT

Wed Feb 21, 10:00 am

Tues Mar 20, 9:00 am


In this conversation, you will get actionable insights about engagement, innovation and productivity in the knowledge economy:

  • How effective leaders lift the productivity of knowledge workers by building engagement and trust; and by generating moods for success
  • Cultivating the sensibilities and skills that produce collaboration and teamwork in complex projects, and in multi-generation workplaces
  • Essential leadership skills for innovation: revealing the value in new practices

The conversation will enable you to form a clear opinion about what you, your colleagues, and your enterprise can expect to produce by participating in the V-Teamwork Core Skills program. 

We will draw on your experience and touch on what results you can expect to produce, what kinds of people take the program, how people have applied the work and the benefits they have gained.

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This 60-minute conversation will also answer key questions about the V-Teamwork Core Skills program:

  • How is the program structured?
  • Why does it work?
  • Who is it for?
  • What are the time commitments and costs to participate?
  • What business impact can you expect?


  • 15 min – How to improve productivity in complex knowledge work
  • 15 min – Moods, trust and accountability
  • 20 min – How the V-Teamwork program works
  • 10 min – Open Conversation

Interactive Q&A throughout

Your Presenter

Phillip Crockford

Phillip Crockford

CEO Viability

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