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If you’ve looked at the testimonials and read our descriptions, you can start to imagine what a difference it would make if your people became even more skilled at building and repairing trust, strengthening accountability, being adaptable, coping with change and executing effectively.

A practical next step is a small, low-cost pilot program in your enterprise.

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Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Clarify outcomes

We have a conversation with you to establish the business outcomes you want to produce. What specific operational improvements do you want to see as a result of V-Teamwork? By taking the time to understand and specify these outcomes, we can focus the coaching we give your people

Step 2 – Establish related metrics

Business leaders often hold soft skills in a different domain to measurable outcomes: “soft skills are hard to measure”. We have found that V-Teamwork skills can, in many cases, make a measurable difference. Some examples: shorter cycle times, better Net Promoter Scores, project schedule variances reduced. Or less numerical, but still critical measures such as gaining approvals, achieving tangible expressions of support for critical change projects; or simply approval ratings. We also have pre and post program evaluation instruments that we adapt to your business needs.

Step 3 – Choose participants, establish timeframes and launch

We work with you to select participants based on a set of criteria that will maximize your return on investment in development. Since V-Teamwork is so convenient for even the busiest people to participate in, we work with you to choose a timeframe based on the urgency of your need for outcomes. Once you have selected the dates, our delivery team goes into action to reach out to your people and engage them in the process.

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