Teamwork = competitive advantage

Cut rework, strengthen accountability
and fine-tune agile teamwork

In tech today, individual professional identity is based on problem-solving ability, technical knowledge and experience, but leaders in tech know that the real value is delivered through teamwork.

With stakeholders’ demands constantly shifting, coordination and clear understanding are the most important skills for cutting waste in dev teams and the sales and service groups they work with.

To reduce rework and strengthen customer focus, your teams need awesome communication skills: listening and speaking based on openness and trust.

V-Teamwork gives your leaders practice in the coordination skills needed to reconcile the horizontal world of agile methodologies with the vertical world of management.

“Individual interactions over processes and tools.”

— The Agile Manifesto

We teach your leaders and teams to excel in these essential skills of collaboration, making it easier to build agile teams that are fast to mobilise and adapt to change. We help them gain the skills and confidence to:

  • Give and receive clear, actionable feedback
  • Coach and remove roadblocks
  • Generate inspiration and ownership in the project
  • Build engagement and accountability
  • Increase and improve inter- and cross-team collaboration
  • Implement peer coaching programs
  • Build a culture of trust and openness: V-Teamwork Core Skills has specific practices for training people in the kind of open, results-focused communication that is essential for building and repairing trust.

How do the results of V-Teamwork show up for tech teams?

  • More effective meetings: less time, more focus, better outcomes
  • People start engaging with commitments rather than blaming personalities
  • The mood improves: team members embrace change instead of suffering from it
  • Reduced re-work preserves margins and profitability
  • Fewer delays make for better relationships with customers

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