V-Teamwork: Core Skills

Teaming skills are essential for success in the fast-moving uncertainty of complex knowledge work.

When your competitive advantage and your reputation depend on your people working well together, V-Teamwork Core Skills gives you the edge.

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Next 8 week Core Skills program

Begins 5th March 2018. Interested? Let us know…

V-Teamwork Core Skills 8 week program – launching on the following dates:

5th March 2018

9th April 2018

7th May 2018

4th June 2018

We give your leaders the skills to build aligned, productive teams: resilient to challenges and adaptive to the demands of today’s fast-changing work environment.

V-Teamwork’s ground-breaking commitment-based practices equip your leaders to:

  • Build accountability and trust
  • Engage and mobilise teams more rapidly
  • Establish strong relationships and confident lines of communication
  • Handle change with agility – whether minor challenges or major restructures
  • Generate more business value through their teams
  • Drive global teams to be more effective

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The test of learning is doing – we build competency for action

Most leadership programs offer take-home advice, but the risk of mistakes and potentially negative consequences often deters people from applying their new skills. Even when courses give people the opportunity to practice real-life scenarios, the game is changed once they are back at work and in a situation where a reputation or budget is at stake. In V-Teamwork Core Skills, people don’t just learn skills to improve their leadership – they get the practice that makes them confident to use them almost immediately in the workplace.

How does this work?

We employ a unique combination of live-action coaching and immersive simulation technology so participants can practice in team situations where they are emotionally engaged, but without the risk of consequences of a real-life scenario. As they practice, coaches provide real-time feedback so they rapidly learn from mistakes and can apply skills effectively to work.

Flexible delivery that won’t cut into work time

Typical full-day or week long training programs often interrupt workflow, and the associated financial expense usually extends well beyond lost productivity. With V-Teamwork’s flexible internet-based delivery, your people can participate outside of work hours and from anywhere in the world.