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What happens in the program?

The great thing about this program is that they’ve recreated in a virtual world the types of issues that I see challenging people in business every day. The way our team responded to the virtual scenarios was real – you could feel it in your body – and it helped us find new ways of working together in a dynamically changing environment. The program’s process of regular reflection helps identify what works. Better, it creates a space where you can see critical things that you are blind to. The emphasis on applying what you have learned to your “real” work is hugely valuable and people start seeing the change from almost the first week.

Algis Leveckis

CTO, Cubigo

Large projects can be hard. If you don’t get people building trust and pulling together, from the start, then all kinds of things start to fall over. For me the V-Teamwork program is all about how to work together, and even the most seasoned project professionals can learn something valuable from it.

…I‘d have to say that the V-Teamwork approach is definitely nonstandard. I think it’s a genuine and powerful innovation. Before I took the course, I couldn’t really understand how it worked. Now I’ve done it, I understand how hard it can be to describe a breakthrough to someone who has never experienced it. The effort it took was so worthwhile: as I participated, I was able to see how I operate in ways I’d never seen before. Already, I’ve noticed that I can now tackle tougher issues with my large international virtual team without anyone getting defensive: that means we resolve problems and move forward much faster. For major projects, it’s an ideal way to produce accountability and build trust right from the start.

Teresa Fernandez

Group Director, WorleyParsons

I have always sensed that the mood of the team has a big bearing on project productivity and outcomes, but until V- Teamwork, I didn’t know how to do anything about it. As a project engineer I have had the privilege of benefitting from a significant amount of high quality leadership development in my career, but V-Teamwork is uniquely effective. Within a couple of weeks of starting the program, I was able to take my new understanding and skill directly into action, markedly improving the mood and the productivity of the team after one conversation.

David King

Project Director, OSD Pipelines

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